Sri Lanka travel Resources

Few sites and services you might find useful in your trip to Sri Lanka.

Plan your trip
Sri Lanka ETA System - Online portal to apply for tourist visa to Sri Lanka
Pet  Travel-If your pet travels with you
skyscanner-Search best prices on airfare
Trip Advisor- Multi-booking site with user reviews for hotels, air, food, more

Travel And Transport 

Cheap Flights -Alerts you when airfare deals occur -For a cheap fee, flight experts will search rock-bottom airplane ticket prices for your destination(s)!

Domestic flights
Sri Lankan Air Lines-Book your flights with national carrier of Sri Lanka
Mihin Lanka-Low coast flights
Cinnamon Air-Domestic flights across the island
Helitours-Travel across the country in a helicopter

Train Reservation-Book train tickets
Yamu-Good website for selected local restaurants, shops, hotels with reviews
Distance Calculator-Distance and directions


Hotel deals your accommodation from here to find great deals

Cheap Home Stays

Home exchange (free accommodation)
Trampolinn (No membership fee & non-mutual exchanges) (Specializes in family home swaps)

Housesitting (FREE Accommodation)

Couchsurfing (FREE Accommodation) (Biggest & most popular site)

Get around 

Discover Sri Lanka-A leading tour operator in Sri Lanka with nearly 10 of experiences.
Adventure tours

GOV-information about Sri Lankan law, banking, tax, health and more

Sri Lanka Travel-Official website of Sri Lanka tourist board

Emergency contact

Volunteer sri Lanka-Work to help a poor and disadvantaged children and adults
Volunteering projects-This website  has a lot volunteer projects

Travel blogs 


Laksala-Shop for gifts and souvenirs 
ODEL-Trendy clothes for the best price 

Entertainment events in Sri Lanka
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  1. ( is an independent site that lists drivers in Sri Lanka, with past user ratings.


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