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You may be a person who knows about Sri Lanka or may not.For the people who don't now about Sri Lanka and who willing to know more about Sri Lanka, I highly recommend you to start from here.

Learn about Sri Lanka

Now you know why you should travel Sri Lanka..Interest in visiting Sri Lanka? Here are some posts you may like to read.


Looking for best places to visit in Sri Lanka? then this series of posts is especially for you.

Luxury Travel Sri Lanka
Are you someone tarvel in luxury?Then these posts are specially for you.

Top 12 luxury experiences to enjoy in your luxury holiday in Sri Lanka

7 Amazing infinity pools in Sri Lanka with breathtaking views

What to do?

Things you can do is Sri Lanka is endless.There are numerous actives you can do in Sri Lanka such as sight seen,water sports,adventure sports,cultural tours and more.

7 Bloggers share their favourite thing to do in Sri Lanka
10 Interesting things to do in Kandy Sri Lanka The top 5 Sri Lanka water sports
Top 12 luxury experiences to enjoy in Sri Lanka

What to eat?

10 Vegetarian food you must try in Sri Lanka
8 New year sweets in Sri Lanka


Here are some packing essentials you must pack when you visit Sri Lanka

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  1. I still get a lot of people asking me where Sri Lanka is. And Sri Lanka never was or is part of India :)

    1. Hehe!Lot have asked me the same.Many people don't know about Sri Lanka.


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